Warning May Contain Spoilers

I Pledge To You:

Luis Fernando Lopez

As the new DLC Character.

Luis Fernando Lopez is a Dominican-American street gangster associated with the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers and also works as a bodyguard for club owner and Ancelotti associate Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. He is also be rumored to be involved in underground fight clubs.

He is seen in the missions:
Three Leaf Clover [IV]
Museum Piece [IV & LATD]
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend [IV]

Take into account this information bringing the three characters together:
[Niko, Johnny & Luis]

His criminal background is typical of GTA protagonists, and his unusual prominence in GTA IV, making several apparently-incidental appearances.

For example, in the mission Museum Piece, it is Luis who ambushes Niko and Johnny during the diamond exchange, and the achievement you get after completing the mission is called "Impossible Trinity"; a cryptic title, but one which may be interpreted as a reference to three GTA IV protagonists being brought together by unlikely coincidence. It should also be noted that in the credits of The Lost and Damned, the mission Museum Piece is shown -- Niko is shown fighting at the front entrance, Johnny at the back entrance fighting and Luis is also shown, firing through the skylight on the roof.

There is also a parallel in the grudges Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and Luis hold towards Ray Boccino -- Niko had always had problems with Ray and even killed him on Pegorino's orders; Johnny Klebitz's friend Jim Fitzgerald was killed on Ray's orders; and Luis's friend Teddy Benavidez was also killed on Ray's orders.

All 3 are listed as being charged with GRAND THEFT AUTO on the police database.

New features for the next DLC which could include Luis:
(In my opinion)

- Fight Club Activity
We know Luis is possibly involved in Fight Clubs and we've seen it done in Saints Row 2.
The LCPD database says Luis is involved in a fight club.

- Drug Dealing
It has been done in GTA: Chinatown Wars, why not include it here.

- Skating or Free Running
It has been mentioned Luis could possibly be a free runner.
See skate evidence below:


The following information was found from GTA:IV LATD in a file called:
Which is basically Subtitles for mission scripts.

Proof of Fight Club Ranking System?

New Mutiplayer Game Modes?:
E2 = Episode 2

Skate evidence:

Source: X360A.org

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