“It all started when I was working on my last article; it contained a section that required exploring the flash page that Kojima created to tease gamers with his next project. When I reached the page, I noticed the countdown with symbols in the background that flash every few seconds randomly. I saw the four symbols: “5“, “3“, “E“, and a lower case “e”. After all, that is exactly what I read in many articles posted on countless websites.

However, the first thing that caught my eye was the presence of a pattern, which is something that I did not read in any article. More importantly, I also noticed that the so-called lower case “e” looks to me more like a reversed “9“. In fact, it was the only symbol out of the ordinary; meaning, not only was it the only symbol that could not be read, but it was also the only one that was reversed!

In addition, I noticed that the symbols started in a certain order, and then they became random for about two minutes before resetting again to the initial order which was the following: “5“, then “3“, and then “E“; that was the constant order that I saw every two minutes.

I then asked myself: “is it possible that the pattern is there for a reason?”. I then asked myself the following questions: “is it possible that the number 9 is reversed for a reason? and that I should reverse it back because that is the right way to read it?”. Finally, I asked myself one last question: “is it possible that in order to read the other symbols correctly, I must reverse them all in the same way I reversed the number 9?“, and as soon as I reversed them, the answer began to emerge before my very eyes.  When I reversed each symbol, “5“….”3“….”E” suddenly became “Z“….”E“……”3“. In other words, Zone of the Enders 3!

In fact, when you think about it, you begin to realize that it was so brilliantly placed that arriving to my conclusion could not have been a meaningless interpretation. Furthermore, it actually makes perfect sense. After all, Kojima is known for constantly misleading and misdirecting his fans. To clarify, with the GDC 09 “Next MGS” screen, placing the number “5″ in the teaser, and including thunder and lightning on the flash page to suggest Raiden, which means thunder and lightning in Japanese, it just seemed too easy and obvious to actually be Metal Gear Solid 5; I believe that Kojima directed our focus in a certain direction that he wanted us to focus on in order for him to blow us away with something entirely different at E3 09. Moreover, Lords of Shadow was first announced at Leipzig Games Convention in August of 2008 as a multiplatform title developed by MercurySteam, and not Kojima Productions!

Lastly, the evidence has been presented to you, and the choice is yours; in addition, regardless of your reaction to this, one thing is clear, the evidence is compelling, and we will soon find out the truth regarding this matter. However, if Kojima does announce Zone of the Enders 3, all I ask is that you remember the source of that prediction.

God Bless You All

Master Samo”

Articile From Master Samo

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