The slow but steady leak of concept art from Mass Effect 2 creators, BioWare, continues today with something with a little more substance than some pretty fancy environments.

Today's piece of concept art shows what looks like our man Shepard about to start a bit of a showdown with a couple of mysterious silhouettes off in the distance. What makes me say it's Shepard? Well, for starters, he has the same build, haircut, ears (yes, I said ears) as our man from the original, and you know when you see something ... and go, "that's got to be him." Well, that's me right now.

This is despite the debut teaser that revealed that Commander Shepard was "Killed In Action" and BioWare commented that "everything we've said in the teaser is absolutely true as well. What does that mean?! How can it fit? That's a surprise."

However, if that is Shepard in the concept art, it would be more in-line with what Executive Producer Casey Hudson said on his IGN blog at the end of last month. Hudson states, "Oh, and I’ve heard some rumors that Commander Shepard is dead. Better not be. We had a lot of big plans made, so if someone’s gone and killed Shepard then things are going to take an unexpected turn…"

All this to-and-fro'ing is giving me a brain aneurysm. Mass Effect 2 will be at E3 and we will check in after we've taken a look at it (and hopefully Shepard), till then, here's today's piece of art. Head here to get your own copy.

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