Last week The Maw developer Twisted Pixel Games took the wraps off their next title called ‘Splosion Man. It just so happened that this announcement was made on April Fools’ Day and many people believed it to be a prank.

However, since then Twisted Pixel has announced that they weren’t kidding about the game, which is about a “lab experiment gone wrong and made out of pure ‘splosion.” The press release probably says it best: “Millions quake in fear today as Twisted Pixel Games confirms the existence of the ‘Splosion Man. In a world already doomed by the planet-scourge The Maw, this new threat emerges from a top-secret military lab, big science gone wrong. His tale will be found on Xbox LIVE Arcade shortly before the world is incinerated.”

'Splosion Man Screenshot 1

According to the developer’s website, ‘Splosion Man will be a “2.5D action/platformer based around the simple concept of ‘splosions and the ridiculousness that ensues.” The game includes up to four player co-op, local and online as well as a single-player story mode “chock full of hilarious cinemas seamlessly integrated into gameplay, epic boss battles, and it’s coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade.”

‘Splosion Man can ‘splode at will, propelling himself around a side-scrolling world and destroying everything in his path. Scientists try to stop him but “any scientist he catches is ‘sploded into chunks of ham and ribeyes, the smell of their destruction terrifying, but also a little succulent.”

'Splosion Man Screenshot 2'Splosion Man Screenshot 4

Here’s what the developers had to say about the “Most Awesomest Game of All Times:”

“Twisted Pixel Games, creators of the award-winning Xbox LIVE Arcade title The Maw, announced today their plans for a new game – another heart-warming tale of courage and yes, even love. CEO Michael Wilford: ‘Screw that. Let’s just make a game where stuff blows up.’ Creative Director Josh Bear: ‘Yeah, lots of ‘splosions … like a guy made out of ‘splosions, and he’d be like ‘splode ‘splode ‘splode! and then things die.’

'Splosion Man Screenshot 3Things Die?

‘Yeah, but not like regular dying,’ explained Art Director David Leung. ‘He’ll ‘splode people, and they’ll blow up into big steaks and ribeyes and stuff.’ Lead Designer Sean Riley added, ‘Put it in a lab, with lots of glass to break. Then slow motion, and scientists diving away, being all like, Oh no, I can’t believe we made the ‘Splosion Man!’ Adds Sean, ‘But then they’d get ‘sploded too.’

A Game Rich in Tapestry of Story and Depth

No no no no. No. Just ‘splosions. We blow the whole budget on things getting ‘sploded.

Nothing Else?

What the hell else do you need?”

Indeed, what else do you need?

'Splosion Man Screenshot 5

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